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This autobiography of a german farm boy provides a compelling insight to his life experiences and career as he enters the US as an illegal alien and becomes a corporate employee.

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New marketing push is set for Rolf Harms’ ‘Who Am I? My Story and Philosophies’

Memoir offers insight into the struggles and achievements experienced by a farm boy in post-war Germany

ORLANDO, Fla. – Published author Rolf Harms, recipient of the Trafford Gold Seal and The Eric Hoffer Finalist Award for “Who Am I? My Story and Philosophies” (published by Trafford Publishing), launches a new press campaign for his compelling autobiography.

First published in 2017, the book charts Harms’ life from early childhood in post-war Germany, covering his life at sea and his arrival to America as an illegal immigrant through his career at American Express and onwards. In here, the author shares a collection of some of the many experiences and events that have made his life so interesting. Along the way, the difficulties and opportunities he has encountered have served to enrich and stimulate his activities, and his thinking on just about every challenge he has met. It also highlights the philosophical views he has developed during his journey.

“Along the path of life, I have developed a philosophical view of who we are — if I can encourage others to examine that question, I may succeed in encouraging others to improve their own lives,” Harms expresses.

Toby Berry from The US Review of Books writes:

“This autobiography flows easily, and reading it is like sitting beside grandpa, hearing his stories. But possibly the best reason to read the book is that those of recent European descent will finish it with a better understanding of their own immigrant relatives — which couldn’t come at a better time, given the current political climate regarding immigration.”

“Who Am I? My Story and Philosophies”

By Rolf Harms

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 294 pages | ISBN 9781490786407

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 294 pages | ISBN 9781490786384

E-Book | 294 pages | ISBN 9781490786391

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About the Author

Rolf Harms was born in Germany during World War II. He dreamed about exploring the world and at 15, he became a seafaring youngster traveling the oceans of the world in pursuit of that dream. At 19, he jumped ship in the United States and became an illegal alien. This was an exciting time, yet he realized that his future as an illegal alien would not be secure. His career at the American Express company became a major part of his life and future. He was recognized for his abilities and advanced, over time, to a VP level. His expertise in risk management and fraud prevention allowed him to give seminars to foreign government agencies, including the renowned KGB, former Russian secret police and intelligence agency in the Soviet Union and others. After 27 years at AMEX and his return from overseas assignments, he opened his own real estate company. His lifelong quest for achievement once again took on a new direction. He received the Trafford Gold Seal and the Eric Hoffer Finalist Award for his memoir, “Who Am I? My Story and Philosophies.” Along with these are positive reviews from The US Review of Books and Goodreads. His book video is also accessible on YouTube. Simply type and click “Who Am I? My Story and Philosophies by Rolf Harms” in the YouTube search box.