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This author, Rolf Harms, is a unique, perhaps somewhat eccentric, individual. He suggests that we are the product of accumulated experiences in our lifetime, and therefore, we are different. Born in Germany during World War II, he dreamed about exploring the world, and at fifteen, he became a seafaring youngster traveling the oceans of the world in pursuit of that dream.


At nineteen, he jumped ship in the United States and became an illegal alien. This was an exciting time, yet he realized that his future as an illegal alien would not be secure.


His career at the American Express company became a major part of his life and future. He was recognized for his abilities and advanced, over time, to a VP level. His expertise in risk management and fraud prevention allowed him to give seminars to foreign government agencies, including the renowned KGB in the Soviet Union and others.


After twenty-seven years at AMEX and his return from overseas assignments, he opened his own real estate company. His lifelong quest for achievement once again took on a new direction.


It is the author’s philosophy and belief that we are destined to contribute to society. In his own humble way, he feels that his autobiography and philosophical views support that goal.