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From Illegal Alien to American Express VP

ORLANDO, Fla., Mar 05, 2018 ( via COMTEX) — Rolf Harms always dreamed of exploring the world. At just fifteen years old, he began a career at sea. Four years later, he jumped ship in the U.S. and began a life of a struggling illegal alien in Brooklyn, N.Y.

In “Who Am I?: My Story and Philosophies,” Rolf Harms shares his autobiographical story of going from a teenager, trying to survive in an unfamiliar country, to a V.P. with American Express, being paid to travel the world.

“I was a farm boy from Germany,” Harms said, “when I left to seek my fortune. I went from being an illegal alien in the U.S., hiding out in plain sight in Brooklyn, to being part of the credit card business, as it developed into a multi-billion-dollar industry that left an indelible impact on our society.”

In addition to his exceptional personal story and career, Harms also shares his philosophical views he has developed, from his unique perspective and journey.

“The fact is,” Harms said, “we are mentally different, unique from one another, because everything which has influenced our lives has been unique and different from others. We can learn from one another and from sharing our stories.”

“Who Am I?” By Rolf Harms ISBN: 978-1-4907-8638-4 Available at Trafford Publishing and Amazon

Press Release

Rolf Harms releases ‘Who Am I? My Story and Philosophies’
Memoir offers insight into the struggles and achievements experienced by a farm boy in post-war Germany
ORLANDO, Fla. – Driven by the desire to share his remarkable life story to others, Rolf Harms offers his memoir titled “Who Am I? My Story and Philosophies: The Autobiography of a Somebody or Nobody or Anybody?” (published by Trafford Publishing).

Readers may visit to know more about the book that charts Harms’ life from early childhood in post-war Germany covering his life at sea and his arrival to America as an illegal immigrant through his career at American Express and onwards.

The autobiography is a collection of some of the many experiences and events that have made his life so interesting. Along the way, the difficulties and opportunities he has encountered have served to enrich and stimulate his activities, and his thinking on just about every challenge he has met. It also highlights the philosophical views he has developed during his journey.

“Along the path of life, I have developed a philosophical view of who we are – if I can encourage others to examine that question, I may succeed in encouraging others to improve their own lives,” Harms expresses.

“Who Am I? My Story and Philosophies: The Autobiography of a Somebody or Nobody or Anybody?”
By Rolf Harms
Hardcover | 6×9 in | 294 pages | ISBN 9781490786407
Softcover | 6×9 in | 294 pages | ISBN 9781490786384
E-Book | 294 pages | ISBN 9781490786391
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble